Monday, April 18, 2011

What? Another going away party...

That's right.  Before I left Citrus Ridge for the season, friends Margie and Roger, had a hot dog fest for me and some of the other neighbors.  They sure know how to put on the "dog", no pun intended.

It was a great turnout and the weather was perfect.  Lots of the neighbors showed up and the food was very good.  My lemon drops were a hit too.  Some even wanted to know where the Alligator Piss was, none for this party.  Maybe next year.

Margie and Roger have a great place for a party, out the back is the lake and the sun was blocked by the trees and the house next door.  Margie's buffet server worked out perfect and held the cheese dip, chili and baked beans at the perfect temperature.
What a great turnout!  Margie is on the right.

Margie drinking out of her chihuahua cup.

There were appetizers as well as a meal.

Golf carts parking.

Time for the dogs.  Mel & Colette dig in!

Margie & Roger's shed decorations.

A little networking time

The End, thanks Patti for the shot!
Thanks Margie and Roger!  Later...

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Beckles said...

Well, well, well....and the party continues for Carolyn!! Life is a party!! So very nice of Margie and Roger to host the party. And to get 19 out of 23 people at the last minute....that's awesome. It says a lot about friendships that have developed in Citrus Ridge. Or maybe they just like a good party!! Looks like a fun time for all.