Thursday, October 9, 2008

Headed to Somewhere

Yippee, the Edison crunch is over for this pay period and aside from the fact that Edison paid 163 employees cash overtime (what a great surprise to them) everything went well. The glitch over the OT was a result of the system not being programmed appropriately for our rule of comp overtime instead of cash. Their glitch not ours. Whew!

It's time for me to take a little break in the action before next pay period, 10/15 and I'm headed to Somewhere. I am going to spend this beautiful Thursday evening cleaning and then head to Land Between the Lakes tomorrow for the weekend. I think I have some heavy duty cleaning to do because I have left my roll out windows open a little and the "corn" guy came in and cut and plowed the corn field. I have been putting a picture of the corn on this blog to measure the growth, however I was not there the last few months and the corn got big and now it's gone. But in the process it has been very dry in Middle Tennessee and it created a lot of dust while the farmer was doing his thing.

Somewhere has got to be very dusty inside and out. I'll probably go to the laundromat tonight and clean the bedding and wash down the walls, vacuum, etc. Gosh, it's gonna feel like home. I asked Cindy if she had closed the windows and she said no, so I can only imagine what it's gonna look like.

I know Sedona will be happy to be on the road again and I'll give you a report of my trip next time I join you on my blog.


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