Friday, November 18, 2011

I want my Monopoly back!

In a song Jimmy Buffet says it all, "I want my Junior Mints. where did the Junior Mints go in the
Movies. I don't want a 12 lb. Nestles Crunch for 25 dollars. I Want Junior Mints."

This is exactly the way it was when I sat down Saturday night to play a simple game of Monopoly.
What no paper money?  No, here is your ATM card and it's preloaded with $15 million dollars.
What no Boardwalk, Marvin Gardens, Park Place Ave, Oriental Ave?  No Railroads anymore?  Replaced with airports.  The utilities are now cell and internet service!  What?  What?
Pass GO...collect $2 million dollars-not $200.
Oh, want to get out of jail?  $500,000
And my game piece?  A segway!  Yep, no shoe, hat or dog.
Oh no, I want my old Monolopy back! I'm mad as heck and I'm not going to take it anymore!

Okay, I'll admit I liked the banker with the ATM machine.  I enjoyed the game but I'm sure Jonathan and Ali got tired of me saying, "What?" "This is just wrong!"



squawmama said...

Why do they mess with things that are not broken????
Have fun & Travel safe

Jeff & Barbie said...

I'm not so sure I'd like that new version?????

Margie and Roger said...

Guess the old monopoly has become an antigue - shouldn't have sold mine at the garage sale. I had heard about a new one - just didn't understand how it works....and it's just wrong.

P.S. Hello from Tennessee

Beckles said...

Gosh, that would be difficult to adapt to! Kind of makes me want to get our Monopoly game out and play!