Friday, November 18, 2011

Tybee Island, GA

We used to meet every October in Pawley's Island, SC.  There were about 10 +/- a couple each time.  We have lost 6 of our beloved friends and now there are four of us.  This was the first time we have gotten together at the beach in several years.
Tybee Island GA

First card pulled of the week.  Transformation...

Anne B finds the snake reading.

A penny for your thoughts, Ernie.

Getting ready for a feast at Sundae's Cafe.  Sherry joins us.

The beach was shrouded in a thick fog.

Strangely eerie.

Dare & technology?????

Beach Art

Just chillin

My week cards-present is the whale.

And that means what???

From the balcony of our condo

Stained glass all around

Taking a stroll looking for treasures.

Ok, Ernie, a quarter for your thoughts.

Someone had left this message on the beach.

Primordial scream...

The lighthouse

Reflection on the desolate beach just a swanging...
It was such a great renewing time with friends.  We laughed, cried, cheered and remembered our loved ones.  I had all our pictures on the computer from visits past and we realized we began this trip in 1992.  My, my how we have mellowed.  We would spend all day and some nights on the beach, this time we would take walks and then hibernate into our cocoon of the condo.  We philosophized about what's going on w/the world, w/our lives, where we are supposed to be and where we are.  We brainstormed ideas for a new business and calculated retirement for Dare and Anne. 

Before going, I wondered how I would feel since I am retired and they are now.  Alas, it didn't matter, our friendship supersedes "work" and it was a terrific feeling to know that.  Well, I knew it, it was just confirmed.  I loved the week and am so grateful for the opportunity to reconnect.

Our other friends were with us and we each said hello to:  Theda, Rick, Eddie, Larry, Deano, Wynn.  You were each such an important part of our lives and are still doing your thing.  Love Ya Mean It!


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