Friday, December 16, 2011

Chili Party at the Lakeside Resort

Margie and I decided to throw a party at my place which I have dubbed the Lakeside Resort.  That is what I put on the invitation and people got very confused as to where this place was and they didn't want to go outside the park, etc.  So when we told them where it was I got the number incorrect on the invite and sent guest on the other side of the lake to 364, thankfully those people are gone for a couple weeks and weren't home.  Alas, people began arriving and fun ensued.

Roger fixed the chili, which was delish.  Everybody brought a contribution to chili, their chairs and own drinks so there wasn't much else left.  I believe a good time was had by all.

The Lemon Drop Express made an appearance and the guys seemed to enjoy her.  Only thing is I need to get a back up battery sometime for her.  The range of travel for her is great as the pond is a perfect place to drive her around.   Someone suggested I get a little sled to put behind the boat & put Sedona on it and ride her around.  Don't think that would work though.  Sounds fun!

It was nice to see old friends again and to meet new ones.  I believe we will have another one in January at Margie & Roger's new place.
The flamingo and parrot say "Welcome Friends!"
Collette is brave enough to start the line.

It just took one to do it, yummy!
Mel seems to have made a friend.  Sedona wants some chili too.

Golf Cart junction.
Roger is checking everything out.
Sun's goin down. Hazel, Don, Dave and Patti have a front row seat.
A  visitor drops in
Vern and Denise with her light up glass!  What a great smile!
L-R Eldon, Roger, Louie, Don, Jean, Tina
Jean and Tina
Don from Ohio is putting away the last of the wine.
Patti is telling what a wonderful time she is having and Dave looks ready to go.
Roger is the puppet master.

Margie has gone to the birds.

I think the parrot is saying "it's time to go home, honey!"
We had a great evening with Jimmy playing on the computer, a little reggae and the Village People serenading us through the night.



Margie and Roger said...

Another fun party at Carolyn's! Good food and drink, good friends, perfect weather too. We're already planning our next party.

Beckles said...

Let the parties continue!! It looks as though fun time by all. Love pix of the guy holding the wine bottle! glass?? LOL!!

Does the lemon drop express deliver your luscious lemon drops??!!