Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Somewhere has new Floors!!

I finally found someone who could do my floors at my site in Davenport for a very reasonable price.  A Pro Builder van was in the neighborhood a few weeks ago and I stopped to ask them if they would give me an estimate on new flooring for my RV.  A few days later they came over and measured.  There was a delay in them getting back to me on the cost so I thought they had just decided they didn't want to do a job this small.

All of a sudden I get a phone call with an apology saying things had been crazy and I had fallen through the cracks but they would do the job for $500 & me supply the materials and they could start on Monday and it should take 2 days.  The only draw back was that I could not use the partial floor I had put down last year, I would have to get all new tiles. 

No problem, off to Lowes I go.  Couldn't find the same tiles anyway so Taylor, Jonathan  and I chose another in a wood pattern.

Living Room Dirty Carpet

Bedroom & floor from last year

Living Room Carpet

Workers beginning to pull up carpet

More Demo

Bare floor
Chris and Steve show up at the appointed time on Monday and waste no time getting busy.  They did most all the demo and put some of the tiles down in the bedroom and the day was gone. They showed up today to finish about an hour late but the fog was very dense and caused some delay.  They worked until about 6:15 only stopping for about an hour for lunch and a Lowes run.
Chris and Steve, what an awesome crew!

New floor in Living Room

New Hall floor

Bedroom floor

I am so very pleased.  Somewhere looks larger with the new floor.  Sedona is just not sure yet.  She liked her carpet.  But she still has some on the doghouse and under the dinette.  She will be okay until bed tonight, then we will see if she wants to jump up or jump off the bed.

I'm a happy camper!  Now what??  Hummmm...


Cruzin2some said...

WOW! The new floors look really great.

Travel Safe
Dawn and Denise

Beckles said...

That looks absolutely gorgeous. How much easier it will be to keep it clean! Our floors were different for our babies, but an easy adjustment! I am so proud for you! Great choice....great decision to do this!!

Jeff & Barbie said...

Glad you are pleased with your new flooring. Looks like they did a terrific job. It's alot easier sweeping "Florida sand" off that flooring than trying to vacuum it out of carpet.

Karen and Al said...

Very nice. I'm sure you'll find it much easier to clean. We love our Allure flooring.

pidge said...

Do you have any slides? We would love to do something similar, but have 3 slides to deal with. I would like hardwood floors though. I love the way yours looks.