Sunday, February 13, 2011

Auburndale Flea Market and Happy Hour at Somewhere

There were five us who decided to head south to Auburndale for the flea market.  I had my own personal GPS, Dave.  He directed us there and found us a good parking space.  Why do I need Stella when Dave is along?  Oh but then Tina may have a little something to say about that.   We twisted Roger's arm and he decided he would just love to go with us.  So Margie, Roger, Tina, Dave and I head to the very busy flea market. 
Luscious strawberries from Plant City

All frozen and ready to consume

Tina and Dave holding Buddy & Anne

Dave, Margie w/Anne, Shirley

Jan, Shirley w/Alex, Tina and Dave

Shirley, Bob, and Roger

Peggy w/Alex, Tina
Other than just getting out and about on such a lovely day, my main objective was to get some fresh strawberries and that's exactly what I came away with.  Well, and a few grapes too.

We got back and the weather was too perfect so I invited everyone over to my place for a little happy hour event.  I wanted to make some of my famous frozen daquari's with my fresh strawberries.  So I made some virgin ones and then some with some kick to it.  They were all consumed so I guess they were good.  Margie brought over some snacks and it ended up being a good evening.



Beckles said...

Pretty strawberries and pretty pitcher of daquari's! Sorry to have missed it all....yum yum!

Karen and Al said...

I'll bet those daiquiri's were delicious with those fresh strawberries!

Since Margie isn't posting her blog anymore (hint Margie) it's nice to see that she and Roger are doing well :)

Margie and Roger said...

Thanks for the great strawberry daiquiri's - you are a great hostess!

Jeff & Barbie said...

Hope to get the chance to test out those strawberry daiquiris someday.