Monday, January 21, 2008

Somewhere is terrific!

Went to Clarksville to start Somewhere up and let her run. I was so happy just to see her. I was especially glad to see she is doing fine. There didn't seem to be as much condensation inside than I expected. You know I have read so much that sometimes it hard to know what to believe. Anyway she is just fine and her engine and generator are purring like kittens.

On the way up I stopped and got some tire covers to block the UV rays from her tires. I had measured my tires and even checked what size they were but did I get what I needed? Noooooo, I got a size 3 and it clearly states that all 19.5 tires take a size 1. So I didn't get to put them on this time, maybe next week.

I've got to find a place in Clarksville to buy propane. If I'm going up next weekend I'll plan an overnighter and will need more propane. Anyway on my way back to Nashville, I stopped at Camping World and swapped sizes on the tire covers.

Made some chili before I left today and it cooked in the crock pot. Man it was delicious when I got home.

Randy came and got Duchess today. I was surprised that she didn't stay longer but he had an appointment for the groomer and wanted to get her home. I think they missed her and maybe this will help in the recovery process for Debbie. Hope so.

Today was a holiday for state workers, Martin Luther King Day so it will be back to the grindstone tomorrow. Hey, it will only be a four day work week so it won't be too bad.
C'ya later...

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