Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Somewhere is in Clarksville

Did I tell you that I named my MH "Somewhere?" How on earth did I come up with that? Well, I love the logo and song for "It's 5 o'clock somewhere." In fact I have new drinking glasses that have that on it. I have a cute chair that Ann (co-worker & friend) made for me that has that on it. You seein' a trend here? I toyed with the idea of calling her 5 o'clock and then thought Somewhere is perfect. When I talk to people about her, I'll have to say, people get confused. Oh well!

Anyway, Somewhere is in Clarksville. I took her up on Saturday and got her all settled down for a long winter's nap and then the weather turns and it's a balmy 75 degrees. OMG, what's going on. Not to worry, it will get cold again so it will kill the bugs.

Roger has a great place to keep Somewhere. I love his farm and the MH is parked fairly close to the house on a nice level park of the field. It's just perfect for her. Wish I were closer though. Oh, well, no matter where she is I would have to go to her, can't keep her in my condo area. I told Cindy if someone stopped to buy her to make them an unbeleiveable offer and she could go with them. WHAT? did I say that? Hey if I could make some major coins, you bet. OMG, do I sound like my Daddy or what?? tee hee.

I like this MHing business. It's cool to sit by a flowing stream, burning fire and to be forgetting all your problems. I'll have to say I'm glad I wasn't in there last night with all the wind and storms, especially at MBSP. They had some storms.

Work is getting harder and harder to stay at. I get bored at times and end up spending too much time on emails, etc. I just don't like being here. I got a letter yesterday for a job as a HR Manager 2 in Corrections. UGH! Never really wanted to work there. I may go on the interview just to see what it involves. With just 14 months to go, I really don't want to make a move. On the other hand, a substantial raise would help boost my retirement. Ah, but is it worth it? remains to be seen at this point.

Mississippi State called me yesterday for a recruitment opportunity so it may be that I'll have a road trip in March to go recruiting. That will be an interesting trip. Will have to wait and see how Edison will interfer with it. That program is going to take a lot of my time and thankfully will make the time go by fast. You know, Edison is the new computer system that is going live on July 1, 2008. (We'll believe it when it happens.)

Roy bought a new computer last night. It's a nice one. Got it from Best Buy and it was good to go shopping with him and spend his money. It's a 17" screen, laptop, Toshiba.

More later.

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