Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cold, cold Saturday

It is so cold outside. No precipition but cold. Guess for Jan it should be.

Wow, I could get used to this. Roy got a new laptop and I'm sitting in the living room writing my blog. It is a Toshiba 17" screen and is wireless. I installed a wireless router at home on my desktop and am able to use his compter in any room in the house.

Guess this is a test of the one I will get when I hit the road. I'm waiting until the last minute to get one so it will not need to be updated for a long time. I've had my desktop since 2001 so that tells you I can make 'em last. LOL

My great-nephew is racing 4-wheelers in Shelbyville today so I'm going up there tonight to watch him race. They say it's loud and cold in there so I've got to get prepared.

My friend Debbie had back surgery this week. During her recovery for a few days, I have her dog, Duchess. Sedona is wondering why we have this other animal is in her space. They are actually playing well and chasing each other all over the place. It's funny to watch. They play tug-o-war with different toys. It's quite entertaining. Duchess will stay here for a little while. Last night was a hoot. Sedona will NOT sleep under the covers and that's where Duchess heads, straight for under the covers. Sedona couldn't understand what this blob was cuddled up next to me. Now one is dozing at one end of the couch and one is at the other end. Animals are so entertaining.

Since we are off on Monday, I'll be going up to visit Somewhere. I need to start her engine & generator. I can't wait to spend some time there. It seems a while since I have been in her. I've got some new things I want to put in there, plus I just want to see her. Cindy assures me that she is okay. Somewhere is getting attention parked at the farm. Everyone wants to know who it belongs to. I think it's funny that the neighbors want to know everything. I've got to go out today and get something for put under her tires and then to get tire covers so the UV rays won't do more damage.

Margie and I have planned a get together for the women in and around TN on the Women's RV forum. It's not till April but it is fun planning everything. I love to plan trips so this just falls right into place. Right now it's planned for a campground Crossville. More to come on this. That group of ladies in the forum are so varied, funny, pleasant and to be on a forum are quite nice. We had originally planned for Pulaski because there were some AL girls we thought would come. As it turned out they couldn't so some of the others were from Knoxville & McMinnville so the logical half way point was Crossville. It should be fun.

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