Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Montgomery Bell State Park 2007/2008 camp out!

Big news! No problems this time out! I know you are glad to hear it. Went to Montgomery Bell State Park for four nights for New Year's eve. The park is so clean. It had Four Mile Creek flowing through it and I was fortunate to get one of the sites that backed up to the creek. It had just enough water flowing that make for nice sounds. Theda went with me and got there about the time I got the MH set up, what timing!

I have decided to name her "Somewhere." I got that from It's 5 o'clock somewhere. I think I really like it and am going to try it out for a while. It came to me as I was laying by the fire in my hammock drinking a totty from a glass I had found that said, "It's 5 o'clock somewhere." I thought well I'll call here 5 o'clock and then no, "somewhere" it is.

Theda had gotten me a folding hammock for Christmas and it is terrific. You can tell me and Sedona like it. There is a little place underneath for Sedona's hammock, however she would rather be up top with me. LOL There were some nice people camping at MBSP. Sedona is getting to like this more and more, but boy, when it's time to go, she knows it and is ready to get in her seat and go. Well, I'm kind of like that too.

Weather turned out cold and we broke most of camp, putting things up on New Year's eve night because it was supposed to be real cold the next day. That worked out good because it was cold. We went to the bath house to shower as somehow my grey tanks got too full for a shower. It didn't bother me to go because the bath house was clean and very warm.

No problems when dumping this time. The park has a very good set up and it is very clean around it. the only thing they need is a garbage can close to the dump station. Driving was a little challenging because of high winds. It just made me concentrate a little more. I figure the more I do this the more comfortable I will become each time I go out.

I'm getting satellite hooked up this weekend and then I'll take "somewhere" to Clarksville and get her ready for a long winters nap. Of course not, I'll be going up there and spending time with her, just not using her water because she will be winterized.

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