Thursday, December 27, 2007

It's been a while-RV trip to East TN adventures

What a success! I've got funnies for you!

My trip to East TN from Nashville was exciting. Left out on Sat morning and the whole way I kept anticipating Monteagle Mountain, by the time I got there I felt like a pro behind the wheel. The mountain is a 6% grade and I just kept remembering Dennis Hill, RV Driving school, saying, "go slow." I did and let all the other people in a hurry speed past, I went the trucker speed and geared down to keep from burning up my brakes. No problem! Now I don't know about those Western Mountains of 10% I keep reading about but I guess by the time I get out there, I'll feel more confident.

My son and granddaughter really liked my new RV and were very proud that I went ahead and did it. We had a great place to celebrate Christmas together. Sedona loved being at my niece's house. She lives on a farm and she could run free.

My only problem with having my MH right now is that I want to start full timing right NOW. It kills me to unload and load knowing full well when I do full time, I won't have to do that at all.

Okay, ready for a funny??? 1st one-after the weekend it's time for me to drain my black/grey water tanks. Now remember this is only my second time doing this and this time I was all by myself. I pulled into the I-75 cg in Athens, TN and the sign said CLOSED. So I pull around and find the dump station. I pull up fairly close and get out of the MH. I get my rubber gloves and walk around to the dump. I opened the door and hooked everything up like it was supposed to be. My MH dealer gave me a new end to the sewer hose that didn't exactly fit the hole but it seemed to be okay. I slowly opened up the handle to the black water and swhoosh out it comes and it fills up the hose, the hose is getting bigger and bigger, all that crap is going nowhere so I picked it up to elevate it, you know, let gravity work for you?

Okay, some of you old timers are ahead of me in the story, I felt like I was playing a real-life part in RV-the movie.

Yep, you guessed it, there were the slightest pin hole holes in my sewer hose. Yep, I get sprayed real good down the front of my blouse and pants (thank goodness it missed my face.) Oh, go ahead and rotflmao, I did and I'm sure the people at the cg did too. Come to find out, that new end on the sewer hose was not turned "on" and all that "stuff" backed up and weakened my hose. OMG, what a mess. Once I figured all that out, everything worked like a charm. Grey Water-no problem. As it turned out the water faucet didn't work at this cg and I didn't have anything to clean up my surroundings so I went in to my MH (after removing shoes, gloves) started the generator, turned on the water pump and took my exterior shower and washed off the area at the dump station. Then I went back in and removed my clothes, took a quick shower and put fresh clothes on.

My, oh, my, what a hoot. I started the engine and a man came out and I rolled down my window and asked if he was the owner, he was the general manager, I asked if there was a charge and he said $7.00. Whew, I thought that was a lot for such a crappy (pun intended) place and I told him I had AAA and he said $5.00.

Next funny, well maybe not so funny but learning something I didn't know. I stopped and got gas once I was over the MTN. The pump stopped at $75.00 w/only 27 gals. I knew I had used more gas than that and called the cashier. She said I would have to put the hose up and start over as TN only allows $75.00 transaction at a time. So I properly did as I was told even though I doubted the story about TN only allowing $75.00. Armed with this knowledge I knew I would not be able to calculate my mileage on this trip. See I had put $75 in Nashville before my trip started and it didn't fill it up and I just thought I was parked on a slope, oh well, live and learn. My first time spending THAT much money on gas, guess I better get used to it, right? I'm not going to bore you with all my lessons on my first trip.

This Sat I leave with my YaYa's to spend New Years Eve at Montgomery Bell State Park so there is no telling what I'll have to tell about next. tee hee BTW, I got a cast iron dutch oven for Christmas and I will be breaking it in this weekend when I have a big fire and cook Adarondack Beans in them in, over, and under the fire. Whoopee!

Did I mention Christmas was great? We had a few MIA's from our group; Jerry & his family and then Mark, Jess & Addy so there were about 9 missing. We had a great time and the "dirty Santa" game was quite miled this year. Are we all getting too old? Naw, I think not. Hope you enjoy the slideshow.

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