Monday, December 17, 2007

What fabulous weekend!!

Well, I picked up my MH on Friday, did my walk through and went over to the CG for two nights to work out any "kinks." OMG. OMG. OMG. I am so excited. It is everything I have ever dreamed of. The walk through went smoothly, very knowledgeable Service Manager for Cullum & Maxey went over every little detail. I had my nephew and a friend there, one for another set of ears and one to video tape. I would highly recommend that. After the walk through it was time to move it and set it up. This was done at dusk and could barely see. Ah Ha! That's why I brought my head lamp, to free up the both hands. (I highly recommend one of these for everyone.)

A funny thing happened during my walk through. I was outside the rig and Theda came out and said, "Carolyn, you don't have a bathroom door!" I said, "oh yes I do." She said, "no you don't." I said, "yes I do, its a pocket door, I'll show you in a few minutes." I went into the rig and sure enough NO BATHROOM DOOR, how in the heck did I miss that?? How did Roy miss that? How did Margie miss that? How did Bud (owner of dealership)miss that? How did Mike (salesman) miss that? Needless to say it has been a joke about how non observant we all are. What to do, what to do? I would say shower curtain, folding door, still trying to decide but for right now it will be a shower curtain with a statement, I can always change my mind and the curtain. It's just for privacy anyway.

I used every appliance, took a shower, entertained and then the rains came. Oops no awning, it was windy too. I had as many as 8 people in my rig at one time and we were not crowded. Margie came over early Sat morning, she's my new RV friend from Gallatin. Then Randy, Debbie and Melissa and in a little while, Ron and Becky came. Enough room and had a good time, eating popcorn and drinking a little wine.

Sedona did not like the rig. Too many new sounds and distractions for her. Finally by Sat evening, she was either "dog" tired and nothing would have awakened her at that point because she slept all night. By Sunday she was an old pro at finding her comfort spot so she could she the comings and going of people. She was just too funny to watch.

A part for the ice maker did not come it and there was a leak at the outside shower but other than those two things, every thing was hunkydorey! I'm pleased as punch! Oh, probably the most important thing, I emptied the crapper all by myself and didn't have an "RV" incident!

Yippeeeee I'll head to East TN for Christmas in her and then my ya ya's and I (and Sedona, of course) are going to a state park, Montgomery Bell, to celebrate New Year's Eve in her. Maybe after a few Maragritas and she will have a name! lol

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