Saturday, December 1, 2007

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Well, I know it has been a while since I have been here but I have been a little busy.

Thursday night, Roy, Theda and I went to Zaney's Comedy Club. OMG, it was such a good time. I can't remember when I have laughed that hard. The comedian was Lavelle Crawford, 2nd place winner on Last Comic Standing. His show was a little more risque than the NBC version but let me tell you, it was good. I was so glad we went. Theda had been at my house because she is having very bad back problems and she was going to see a Nashville Dr. He did some tests and then she had to return for the results and to discuss what was going to happen. Since she was here, we decided to go to Zaney's. Glad we did because it helped all of us get our endorphins going.

Friday was a ho hum day. All that was different was the fact that I picked up Cindy from the airport. She had gone to Orlando for a business trip which I usually go but I didn't this time. She is going again in April and it would be nice to go then but I think I am going to be in the thros of our new computer system transition, Edison, and I won't be doing anything much but working.

Today, I met a forum friend who RV's. We had hoped there would be about four of us but it ended up being just me and her. We met for lunch at Cracker Barrel at Music Valley Dr. That's close to some RV places so I thought I would pass the time and check some out in person that I had seen on the internet. I went to Cullum & Maxey to see the Winnebago Voyager 32H. I liked the idea of that because it's fairly short and it has a full wall slide. Once I saw it, it's not for me. Not enough room for me to full time in. I'm sure it would be okay if I were going camping in it but not for living. Margie said something today that made me think, are you going to travel or live in it. Both would be my answer but I will use my toad (word for the vehicle towed behind an RV). Now you may be asking yourself about now, Isn't a Winnebago a class A motor home? Yep, you are right. Changed my mind again. Hey it's my prerogative, right?

I have given it more thought and I believe Jonathan and Theda have some very good points. I think I have found a brand that is suited for me.

While at Cullum & Maxey, Bud, the salesman said, have you ever done this before? I said no. He highly suggested I get a used MH, try it out before I retire and by the time I do retire I will have figured out what I want and what I don't want in a MH or if I even want a MH. He said it would also give me more confidence in driving it around and towing with it. Now, you know what, that makes a lot of sense to me. He happened to have one that he had just gotten. It is an Itasca (made by Winnebago) Sunrise 36M, it has 14,000 miles on it, is a 2003 model and is just as cute as can be. I am thinking it over. It has much of what I have on my list of wants. I'll go to the credit union on Monday and see what I can work out. I believe things are working out okay.

Talked to Jonathan tonight and told him about it. I told him that we may just have a place to have our Christmas this year when they come up. See since my Mama died a few years ago, Jonathan, Taylor and I have stayed with Wanda & Don and had our Christmas there. That was not a problem but it just seemed like we were intruding. This way, we will have our own little place. I think that is just such a cool idea, if it works out.

I also thought that it would be a great little place to have a new years eve party. Get a few friends, have a bond fire, have a fairly quite evening. What a way to welcome 2008. Time will tell if all this works out.

I have to find a place to park/store it. I can't keep it here at my condo so I'll have to research to find out what's available. I have read on some forums and RV websites that the worst vandalism takes place in locked, gated storage areas. That's a little disturbing.

After I got finished at the RV place, I went to Vanderbilt. My nephew, Darrell Jr and his son Corey were there. Corey is going to baseball camp. It was good to see them. At this baseball camp were 38 colleges and 4 pro teams represented. Guess they were scouting the best of the best. I am so glad that Corey is part of the best.

Came home and watched that horrible UT vs LSU SEC championship game. We lost. We played horribly. Guess we will have to wait till next year, right?

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