Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Jonathan's & Taylor's-Kingsland GA

My goodness, much has been going on. Sorry I haven't posted in a few days but...

I went to Jonathan's for the TRF Family day this weekend. I flew into Jacksonville and he picked me up. It's only about 20 minutes from his house to the airport. Not bad. Taylor was not home when we got there but in about 30 minutes here she came, hot, sweaty and out of breath. She had run most of the way from school because she wanted to see her Gran so bad. That made me feel good.

TAYLOR COOKED BREAKFAST FOR ME! Two mornings to be exact. She is growing up so fast.

Jonathan is the environmental/safety supervisor for the Trident Refit Facility which keeps the submarine in tip top shape. Huge responsibility and I didn't know how much until I went there. There were two checkpoints we had to go through and show our ID's before even getting to where we needed to be. First I got to see his office and meet some of his staff. They thought highly and were quick to tell me how good it was to work for him. Now, you all know how that makes a mother feel. He is quite the young man. I think I did good.

We next went to the diver station and the navy guys let me put on their current model of the bubble helmet. The big thing they put over their heads to dive while working on the subs. My goodness it was heavy and a little too confining for my sake.

It was time for some lunch and we got over to their pavillion and had hamburgers and hotdogs. It was quite the celebration. They had a Navy Dixieland Band (Becky, Ron would have loved this) playing. Made my legs want to dance. I think I embarassed Jonathan just a little during the dancing part.

Then we headed down to the Waterfront. OMG, this is where the dry dock is where they bring in those big Trident Submarines in and work on them. It is huge and is the largest covered drydock in the world. I'm not sure how much I can say about this place here but it is just amazing. We toured the machine shops, wood shop, and lab. They make all their tools and fix all the broken equipment right on base. These folks are very talented. I can imagine that it would be an environmental/safety nightmare to those who are trying to enforce all the federal rules. What a team it would take!

Our very special treat next was Taylor's idea. When Jonathan told her about family day she said why don't you take us down to where the dolphins are. Well, though contacts, Jonathan was able to get his team and their families a special private showing of the marine mammal program at the base. We got to see the dolphins and sea lions work their magic. The trainers are so talented and patient with these animals. Taylor got to feed and pet the dolphin. They did tricks and the trainers put their harnesses on so they could show us how they work. What a treat indeed! What a day! I was fortunate to get to go down there, it worked out great.

When we left the base we were tired & hungry. We stopped at Aunt B's in St Mary's where her motto is "Aunt B's where you get your fat back!" It was buffett and sure enough, there was fat back on the buffett. OMG, her motto was literal. Good southern food. Fried everything!

It was so good to visit with Jonathan, Taylor and her 6 American girl dolls. I'm sure I should remember their names but I don't, I'm sorry to say. There was a fashion show and then of course they had to go to the beauty shop to get their hair styled. It was fun.

When I got to the airport the plane was delayed because of the snow in Ohio. Had to wait about an hour. I wanted to continue watching the Titans game but when I got to the airport they were playing the Jaguars, imagine that! In Jacksonville and watching the Jaguars? Go figure! LOL Titans lost in OT anyway.

On Monday I took Theda to the hospital for a procedure on her back. She will be with me a few days recruperating. Hopefully this will get her back to GO!

Countdown, picking up my RV on Friday. Still haven't named her but I'm sure we will all come up with something. I did get her insurance. I think I told you about Farm Bureau. Well, I went with them. Their price was just right. I got two other quotes from RV Insurance companies and one was $951 the other was $949. I just couldn't afford that so I'll be keeping my RV in Clarksville instead of in Hendersonville. It's only about 20 more miles from my house but saving $600 per year, it was a no brainer. So that is done. I getting my stuff put in one part of my house so I can load it up when I head out on Friday. So much to do. It's fun though.

More later!

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