Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wednesday, December 5, 2007-I DID IT!

As you can tell from my title, I did it! I am now the proud owner of a 2003 Itasca Sunrise 36M motorhome. Yes I chose a class A motorhome (MH). I'll post pictures of course. It has 2 slides, V10 Chevy engine, man it up and moves. It has been well taken care of and only has 14,000 miles on it. I have been very busy, as you can imagine, doing research, talking to people, test driving and all that goes into making a huge purchase such as this.

The salesman, Bud, told me if I had waited until April or May I would be spending a considerable amount more money. I have to tell you about my test drive. I was so nervous, the tension in my neck and back was horrible for the first 3 miles or so and then I began to relax. I went on Briley Parkway, onto I65 north to Long Hollow Pike and then over to Conference drive and back to Briley Pkwy. I pulled into Two Rivers Baptist Church parking lot where I was able to back up, pull forward and reback and continue until I got it where it was supposed to be. All I kept hearing was Dick Reed's voice in my ear saying, "slow, go slow, slow." He was the driving instructor at the Life on Wheels Conference in Bowling Green. I have those notes and reviewed them before my big day.

I tell you that conference really helped me be prepared. I am planning on going again this year. I'll know more this year and it will mean much more. I have a different perspective and mission this time than last.

My MH has 2 slides, 1 in the LR and 1 in the BR. The sofa makes a bed and I have another side chair in the lounge area. The kitchen has corian counter tops with a fold down for more counter space. It has a large refrigerator with and icemaker and beside the refer is a pull out pantry. Then there is a little shelf with mirror behind it for something. Then there is the booth dinette that also makes a bed (Taylor?) and has storage under the booths. There is a side hallway and in the hallway is a place for a washer/dryer (all in one) and the plumbing for that. Next is the bathroom, which has the usual. The bedroom has a TV, desk huge wardrobe (3 doors) and six drawers. The bed is on hydralic lifts and there is storage underneath. The colors are muted and I am going to have to do something to bring out my personality. I'll figure it out and I have plenty of time to do that. Missi already bought me patio lights for my b'day last year and now I get to use them.

My MH will be ready on Friday, Dec 14. I will go to the dealership to do a walk through and will become familiar with all the systems. They said it would take about 4 hours. Then they want me to stay in the campgroung (cg) for two nights and get familiar with it, you know, take shower, cook (?what's that?) use all the systems and then if anything goes wrong, they will hop across the fence and help me out. Sounds like a terrific plan to me. Bud said I could take it over and back it into the campsite, who me? That will be interesting.

That's about all I can report right now, I'm busy making lists. What to take out with me, what I will need to buy, gift list on, on, on, you get the idea! So many lists, hope I can keep them up.

Oh, I am going to keep it out at my friend, Becky, house. They have a huge driveway and I believe it will be out of the way, at least as out of the way as a 36' MH can be out of the way. I believe that Ron, Becky's DH (darling husband) is excited. He said he would start it for me every once in a while. Becky thinks DH might get the bug if it sits out there. I hope he doesn't get too much of a bug because then I would have to find someplace to put it! lol No, really it is great to have friends such as them.

The other thing, I called Farm Bureau today for my insurance. I have everything thing with them and have been a member since about 1978. They will not insure my rig because it is going to be kept away from me. Now, tell me, where in the heck am I going to put my rig since I live in a condo, which is what I told Andy. I told him if I had to get my RV insurance somewhere else I would move everything, didn't seem to bother them. Guess they have gotten too big now. Guess I'll do insurance shopping now. Gosh, if it's not one thing it's another.

OOH, I forgot to mention that my neice Deborah, is going let me park my rig in her driveway during Christmas there with the family. She has a 30 amp plug and I can just set it up quite nicely. Jonathan, Taylor and I will have our own little house to have Christmas together after the big family of 52 gathers. We have missed that since Mama passed. My sister, Wanda is great, don't get me wrong, we have enjoyed our Christmases with her but this just allows everyone their privacy. I hope the weather will be good because if it's not, my MH will remain parked. lol

I have got to name her! Any suggestions? Let me know, I'll narrow them down and then we can all vote. That should be fun!

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