Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Count Down

Wow, I am so excited and can't wait until Dec 14 when I get to pick up my RV, have got to come up with a name for her. Help me out!

I had packed everything into one room and now all that stuff is loaded into my car, am I anxious or what? I still have a little room to add the dishes and food I plan on preparing for our meals. I have to try everything out.

I borrowed a video camera from Randy & Debbie so I can tape everything during my walk through, just in case I forget something and have to refer back to it. Either Roy or Theda will video, just depends on which one will be available. Theda has had a back procedure done this week so will be unable to bend so I may end up doing it, who knows, I know it will get done. I thought video taping was a good idea.

OMG, do you know what they did at work today? They blocked access to this website! Yes, and Craigslist. Man, they take all the fun away.

Can't decide if I am going to leave Sedona home this weekend or not. She definitely doesn't need to be there on Friday, my walk through. The weather is supposed to very cold on Sat & Sun so I'll have to play it by ear on her presence.

Did I tell you that I am going to get to leave my rig at the center for a few days and then I can bring it home for a few more days before I leave for Etowah and Christmas vacation. That has worked out so great! I can get it really ready for my trip and those who want to can see it. Then after Christmas it goes to Clarksville.

I made my and Theda's appointment today for the RV Driving School in Bowling Green in May during Life on Wheels. I figure she will be going with me some and if I get tired, I want someone who I know has been trained to drive and not just someone who has been driving for drivings sake. We will probably stay for the LOW conference or at least I will, don't know about her yet. I will be going to the pre-conference which is where RV technicians go over the rig with a fine tooth comb and then teach you more. I will probably be the best educated RV owner around. At least I'm trying to do it right. Something else to look forward to.

I picked up our documents for Cancun yesterday. Now we only have 2 months to wait. Feb will get here fast.

I am still having problems with my Craigslist sale. The guy who bought it paid through paypal and they have not deposited my $$ yet. I'm gonna give it a few more days before I file a complaint. I just sold my Lady Vols/Lady Dores tickets and the person paid me cash. I love green!

Out of the blue, my nephew Jimmy called me, seems he has been in Nashville today for some research at the Library & Archives. He is into our geneaology and was seeing if anything else had showed up. Of course he had other things going on. How I knew he was in town? Roy called me and said guess who I ran into at Opry Mills? I said how would I know and he said he's from our side of the family, I thought and said Derek (simply because he is in M'boro going to school) but no it was Jimmy. Now what are the chance of them running into each other in a huge mall with lot of people. It was meant to be.

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