Sunday, January 20, 2008

Motocross racing

OMG, have you ever been to one? Well I went to my first last night. It was indoors at Shelbyville arena where they have the Walking Horse Celebration. It was deafeningly loud and the exhaust was smothering but the racing was exciting and nerve wracking. Jacob did well, he came in 1st place for qualifying and came in 3rd in the real race. When he started out his wheel hung up on the gate and then there was a pile up in the first turn but he maneuvered out of that and got around the pile up. He has some great driving skills and has such a calm head on his shoulders. Once he got around everyone piled up he was 7th. So in the next few laps he made up to 3rd and was getting ready to overtake 2nd and he stalled or missed a gear or something. Anyway, if he had a couple of more laps he would have overtaken 2nd and probably gave a good race for 1st. It was good racing. Can't wait to go to Tellico to watch him race in the holler. They say it's about twice as large a track as the one indoors. Longer races too. Jacob and Josh are such good boys and they are growing up so quick. It was good to spend time with them.

Today has been a do nothing day. Still have Duchess. Sedona and Duchess have been so entertaining today. They are so cute when they play the tug of war game with their toys. There has been a little too much dog estrogen in the room today. They are both very territorial. They actually do well together.

Debbie is doing better. She called me today. She is still in quite a bit of pain but at least she was well enough to talk on the phone. That made me feel better to hear her anyway. She got her fruit basket and was pleased to have it. She said her pain now was more from the top of her thighs. The doc said that the nerves ran on top of the thighs and that was the nerves they disturbed. It will take a while for that to get better.

Been watching football and women's basketball today. Lazy slug. TN Lady Vols beat Vanderbilt Ladies. Patriots won and now the NY Giants are playing Green Bay and it looks very, very cold up there. Don't understand how they can play in -1 degree and a -23 degree wind chill. I really don't understand people sitting out in that and watching. But I guess that's football.

27 more days before I leave for Cancun. Yes, I'm counting down. Can't wait to get to some warm weather and into the gulf. I hope it's clear enough to do some snorkeling, kayaking and other water stuff. Of course there will be some other activities going on, it's an all inclusive resort and everything will be furnished. I'll be a total slug for a week. It's okay 'cause I deserve it. :)

Update on Roy's computer. He took it back. See it had Windows Vista on it. The RR website doesn't troubleshoot Vista and he could not get on their website to sign up for work, etc. Best Buy and Bellsouth couldn't help either. So he took it back and had to order one that had Windows XP on it. The one he is getting is a 15.4 screen, so other than being smaller screen I don't think there is much difference but it does have XP. Glad Best Buys worked with him on it. So the jury is still out on Vista for me. Don't know why they had to change it except I do know that XP had some security issues but have kept updates to fix that. I hope anyway. Can't wait to see his new one.

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