Monday, January 9, 2012

Wekiwa Spings State Park

This state park is the home of the women RV forum get together (gtg) in FL.  This is the first FL gtg we have had in the last three years that we have not frozen to death.  We do not have the luxury of a cabin this year so good thing we have good weather.

First day, would you believe there was no one around the campfire who had a camera!  Yep, no one so you will have to use your imagination as to what we did for all day and night, tee hee!

Many insisted tonight for me to post pix to my blog so they could see them, so here we go.  But the gtg is not over until the weekend, so you may see more posts about the gtg.  Also, we have combined this gtg with the Open Road Singles forum so you may see some guys in the pictures.

Boardwalk from parking lot to the springs.
The springs are a constant 74 degrees where it enters.
Soos is checking out the temps.
And there will be no diving for me.

Soos and I in the warm clear springs.  Nice day.
Soos, Steve (striving for Asst Sultan), Irmi and Carol

Sarah and Kathleen
WHAT??  Soos used this container to mix the recipe!!
Nan seemed to like it...

...a lot.  And Gloria gets tickled behind Nan.
Marion, Carol's sister just arrives.  Nan welcomes.

Nan, Sarah, Kathleen

Soos, Carol and Maggie

Bear is in his house.
We've got great things in the works for tomorrow.  Hope I'm here to capture the events.  Stay tuned.


Beckles said...

Fun, fun, fun!! Love Nan's expression as she drank some of the recipe! Of course, all you gals may have had the same expression! Enjoy the week, and can't wait to read more.

Margie and Roger said...

Good photos - thanks for sharing. Looking forward to Tuesday photos. Expecting to see some of your weird games.

Karen and Al said...

We visited Wekiva last fall and really liked the campground. It's on our list to go back and stay.

Your idea of warm water is sure different from mine. Florida springs water means full wetsuit for me....brrrrr. I like my water near 90 degrees....not 70.

longdog2 said...

Great post and great pictures. Thanks for putting all the names in. Ah, some of the ladies don't look a lot like the pictures they use on the forum so names are definitely helpful when your "meeting" has been web-based only. :O