Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More pictures of the Women's RV Forum, as promised!

Today was just another beautiful day in paradise.  It was time for Alice to try out her Shuttlebike.  The way I understand it is that Alice was looking for an alternative to a kayak/canoe to sport with other RV women on GTGs.  This seems to fit the bill but I think assembly will still be a physical challenge for her.  The good thing, Alice will get it figured out.
Alice rides her bike to pump up the pontoons.

Sedona ignores Paco.  He so wants to be friends.

Heading to the springs to try out the Shuttlebike.

A little muscle never hurts.

Pay attention Alice, Pete won't always be around.

Am I cute?
Oh the rudder.

I believe I'm ready.

Checking for Gators.
What a mount!

I believe she's got it!

There she goes.

She even shares as Pete rides off.

This is pretty cool.

And there goes Nan.

Two seconds later Nan is in the springs on her back.  The bike collapsed.

Oh it's okay to laugh.  I would have had a better picture or more pictures but I put the camera down to go out and rescue my friend.  As it turns out she didn't need rescuing but it was sure an exciting day.  When we left the launch area the guy who worked there said it was the most exciting day he had had in a very long time and he was looking forward to going home to share his day with his wife.  He even took pictures.  There was an Asian couple who pulled their canoe in and stayed around to take pictures of the Shuttlebike and a couple from the UK who were quite curious too.  They even played a little with Alice and told her that gators were attracted to the bright yellow color.

After such a busy day, it was time to chow down.  Irmi and Steve fixed a pulled pork dish, Nan made her Liz coleslaw, Carol brought fresh fruit and wonderful pumpkin bread.  Good eating and a great fire.

Gloria is filling her plate.

Nan's chowing down and Soos is computing.

Bob's having a chat and Irmi is trying out her delights.

Can't remember what's so funny but Steve, Carol and Sarah like it.

Isn't this pretty?  It was so good too.

Our fire.


longdog2 said...

Alice is real worried about those alligators. When I met her in Florida this past summer, I told her that we were taking the grandkids swimming at a local lake. She told me that she would tell me all about the gators when I got ready to leave. Ha. Have fun. Great photos.


Sharon said...

How cool! That Alice just keeps going until she gets it! Poor Nan falling in the drink, but glad she was ok! I sure miss you guys! Give Pete a hug for me, ok? He's a great guy! Love ya GF!!

Beckles said...

Oh my gosh, the shuttle-bike looks like such fun! Were there any gators around.....and I don't mean Nan (seems like she's a Gator fan!)? Food looked wonderful. Thanks for sharing again!

dayspring39 said...

This was such a great GTG and you helped make it so much fun...

Karen and Al said...

A shuttle bike...I never heard of such a thing. Is is broken now, or did Nan just fall in?

I think I'll stick to my regular kayak though.