Friday, February 10, 2012

Blizzard Beach, Super Bowl, and Roy's Visit

One of the ladies in Citrus Ridge, Lagonda, invited me to go to Blizzard Beach with she and Bernice.  It was a beautiful day and I was up to it, especially since it was free.  It was a fun time.  Got a bathing suit top on sale and then a discount so it was a perfect day.  The weather, company and beach was such a good time.
One of the slides at Blizzard Beach, nope didn't do it.

Bernice, Lagonda, Carolyn

Bernice, Lagonda, Carolyn
Bernice's slide

Lagonda and Bernice in the wave pool.

Our nest!
Margie and Roger threw a Super Bowl party!  Go Giants!  There were about 18 people from the park at the party and it was a blast.  Lots of good food.  Watching the game on a 55" TV was awesome.  I love Margie's new park model.  It suits them just fine.
A few of the watchers.

Just a little of the food!
Wouldn't be a super bowl w/out wings.

The boys out in Roger's "man cave."

Denise with Buddy and Anne.
Fruit is coming in all over the place and a favorite that will only be around for a short time is the Honey Bell orange.  It is seedless, juicy and delicious!

One of the projects I've done while at Citrus Ridge is glass etching.  I did a wine glass that says "it's 5 o'clock somewhere" and on the base of the glass is tiny flip flops.  Margie also did the glass etching and her wine glass said "Happy Hour" and on the other side is large flip flops.  We did a great job and can't wait to do more.  Stay tuned for a lantern we are going to complete this week.
Prepping the glass

Stencil is applied.

Acid is applied and now wait, 30 minutes.
Margie's getting her prep done.

Cutting out the details.

Margie's back, Flip Flops.
Front of Margie's, happy hour.
One of the things that I have had trouble with in the Whim is the mattress.  It was thin.  I put a topper on before I left TN but it was not enough.  I had an extra topper and I put it on but it wasn't thick enough either.  I found a mattress on Walmart's website and decided to take a chance on it.  It's memory foam and is 8" thick.  As the bear in Goldilocks said, "it's just right."  I really like it and I sleep well on it and Sedona seems to like it too except she has farther to jump from the dinette to the bed.
Picture is a little fuzzy but you can tell the thickness.
My nephew, Roy, came for a visit this week and we have been busy.  He didn't come to stay with me, he came with his cousin, Mike.  They were here for a heavy equipment auction.  I went over the first day and drove around with them to check out the equipment Mike wanted to bid on.  It was an interesting place to visit and to find out how it all works.

In the evening we went to Boston Lobster Feast which we will never go to, it was not good and I would never recommend it.  It's over on Hwy 192 in Kissimmee, FL.  Then we hit Old Town and did a little karaoke, well, Roy and Brian did the singing and Mike and I were there for support.
Roy is in his element on the stage.
Once again, Lagonda, gives me a call on Thursday morning and wants to know if I want to go to Hollywood Studios.  I told her that Roy was with me and she said to bring him along.  So off we go to Animal Kingdom first and then Hollywood Studios.  No pictures here as they were taken with Roy's iPhone and I don't have the pix yet.  We had our pix made with some of the characters, rode some of the rides and saw some of the shows.  It was a terrific day.


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