Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Doing Stuff

I thought I would take advantage of my down time and the hot weather and do some piddling around Somewhere. Thanks to an idea from my friend, Nan, I decided I needed some curtains for the bedroom in Somewhere. I purchased a panel of black out/thermal insulated curtain and went to town. These enable it to be darker in the bedroom and cooler/warmer too. Not any sewing involved. I had found on Home Shopping Network a product called LiquiSew. No sewing needed and works on any fabric. It cost $9.95 w/free shipping. So far it's holding great, even on the thermal backing. I bought 2 tension rods, 1 top & 1 bottom and it fits snuggly in the window area. When I want more light in the bedroom then I can easily take it off.

Yesterday I drove Somewhere to Nashville to get the microwave pulled out and had them check the converter just in case something happened when the electrical problems hit. Found out that the engine battery was not charging the house batteries. That would explain why when I unplugged or turned the engine off I would not have enough juice to turn the generator on or run the refrigerator on LP and I sure was not comfortable staying overnight in a parking lot with nothing but the generator if I could even get it on. Well, anyway, a selinoid was bad so they fixed that and I got 2 new batteries so I'm good to go.

Found out that the ice maker was covered under my warranty and they were checking about the microwave, fix it or get a new one and the warranty company will decide that for me, otherwise I'd get a new one. But it will be covered either way. I drove back to New Johnsonville and will wait here until I have to go back and get the microwave and ice maker installed. As far as I'm concerned I liked the space I had in the freezer w/out the ice maker and if I had to pay to replace it, I wouldn't have but since it's covered by warranty, I'll get a new ice maker.

Here is where I'm parked at the park. It's up at the house next to Theda since this park is a day use only park but I'm getting all the perks of being in a park. Nice setting.

Now, I'll soon be ready to hit the road again but it is sure nice getting family and friends down here to visit.

I've also been helping out around the house and have been busy cleaning the refrigerator, washing walls, cleaning closets and I have some other things on my "list" but it's too hot to work outside right now.


Beckles said...

Wow, you've accomplished lots while visiting Theda! Do you hire out??!!

Why is my bedspread in Somewhere? It looks as though your new window treatment is being prepared on top of the bed with my bedspread! LOL! Now I understand a comment you made long time ago on a pix of my bed....something about it looks familiar!!

Margie and Roger said...

I'd line to get in line behind Beckie if you hire out - lots of stuff need cleaning in my "house", but it wouldn't take you too long.

That Liqui-Sew looks pretty neat. Those curtains should help a lot.

Somewhere seems to have a very nice home - bet she is wanting to get back on the road.

SunshinecruiserTN said...

Becky, our spreads are somewhat identical, maybe a few colors off.

Margie, Somewhere is getting hitch itch as am I. Hope to see you before you leave TN.