Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving in Paradise

I went with the noodles to the activity center for Thanksgiving lunch.  The tables were all set for about 40 people but I don't think they all came.  I took my tray and utensils plus glass and drink.  I was all set up on my left handed side of the table and Carmen asked if I want to eat with them.  She said we thought since Margie isn't here we would let you join us.  Thanks Carmen, that was very nice and I did feel welcome.

Lots and lots of food as usual and lots and lots of different kinds of wine, now that's a first for me at a Thanksgiving dinner.  We just didn't do that in my family.  It was good tasting the different kinds.  I like the sweet ones, not the dry ones.  Marilyn has some Chocovine which was red wine with chocolate in it.  Yummy.

Learned the difference between stuffing and dressing.  Actually Margie has kind of warned me that I would not see the kind of dressing I was used to.  I suppose northern stuffing is the thing down here.  Wonder if they would eat some of my cornbread southern dressing?  Hum, may have to try that some day.
Carmen invited me to sit with them.

Another Table

It was a little warm in the dining hall.

This group is all about posing for pix.

It's time to eat.  Pearl in blue is 86 and is quite spry.

Waited too late.

This is stuffing!

Marilyn shared her different wines.

Carmen didn't like it.

Ah come on Ruth, you know you want some.
So while I was basking in the warmth of Orlando and having a good Turkey day, Margie was in Tennessee in 26 degree rain and having a wonderful time with her family.  They had to go for Thanksgiving because Roger got a job at Disney and will be working through Christmas.  I'm still waiting on my call back interview.  Still don't know if I'll be working this year may have to wait until January.

After lunch it was time to Noodle in the pool a little and then try to get through the 5lbs of paper.  There were so many ads for Black Friday.

I rode my bike over to Ansel's house.  He just put it on the market and I wanted to get a look at it and see if that would be something I could be interested in some day.  It's a 2br 2ba and it very nice looking and kept up.  Everything goes with the house and I found a place that I could store Somewhere while I'm down here in the winter for only $30.  Sounds promising but I just don't think I'm ready for roots just yet.


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Beckles said...

And while you were basking in the sun and warmth, we were here (still here!) in Southern Nevada freezing! It's just not the way it is supposed to be. LOL!! Enjoyed the pix. Wow, stuffing looks so different than dressing. It's all slickish did it compare to what we're used to? Hope you are having a splendid Black Friday!!