Sunday, November 21, 2010

Busy Around the Community

Dancing to the tunes
Sweet Charlie with his blue cooler full of candy.
Friday afternoon was the welcome back pool party.  There were about 80 people there, not bad out of 400+ sites and considering not everyone is back.  Guess they will have another welcome back.  Anyway there was entertainment with Sweet Charlie who has a cooler full of candy the audience can go up and get some during his performance of course there is a tip jar sitting right next to the candy.  Sweet Charlie must be able to sing songs from every era and genre.  He was a great entertainer.  When you have folks getting up to dance, that's a sign of a good entertainer.

Thee were plenty of dancers and you could tell the couples who had danced together for years.  Dancing With The Stars has nothing on this group of ball room dancers.   Roger and Margie even got up to Unchained Melody and danced but I had her camera and took a movie and I didn't get a shot of them dancing.  Maybe she will post them on her blog.

I believe everyone is waiting for the food.

Some took a dip wile waiting.

Finally a song I really like, Margaritaville.  But no one danced to it and they didn't look interested at all.  Oh well, I liked it.


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Beckles said...

What a great pool party! I especially like your video. Gosh, can't believe that you didn't get up and dance to Margaritaville. Must have worked hard to keep your seat!!