Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tallahassee RV Park

I've been here since Tuesday and chose this location because my Key West friends, Bobby and Sharon Sarvis are staying here until Sharon's job expires in Dec.  They will then be official full-timers.  They were able to sell all their stick-n-brick house "stuff" and into their motor home sooner than they had thought.  Anyway, it was good to see them again and will see them more in a couple of months because they are going to be joining me in Davenport FL for a couple of months.

We have had a blast.  Sharon took me to Wakulla Springs State Park and we took a boat ride and saw many birds and a couple of alligators.  Then we went to St Marks National Wildlife Refuge and I got a glimpse of the Gulf.  This is just a beautiful part of Florida.

We also went to Papa Joe's in Apalachicola to eat lunch on Sat.  Yummy, nothing wrong with the Gulf shrimp.  It's just as good as before the oil spill.

I'm in site 66 at the park and it's right in front of the Sarvis'.  Full hook-ups and it has cable, however something has been wrong with the Comcast (go figure) here so the back part of the park has all cable channels while the front part of the park (where I am) only has local channels + the weather channel.  The  laundry area is nice and it only costs $1.00 to wash and dry per load.  Not bad.  I was supposed to move on Friday because this is THE place for Florida State alumni to stay while they have a home game.  Someone canceled and I got to stay here until tomorrow.  It's a bit expensive, with discounts it comes to $36 per night.

Enjoy the slide show. 



Beckles said...

Loved your visit! Great photography. Can't wait till next time!

Margie and Roger said...

Enjoyed the bird slideshow - I didn't know you knew the names of the birds. See ya' soon.

Sharon said...

Enjoyed your visit and love your Blog. My first time reading it. I put it down as a must do for today. As you see I completed my list.

Liz said...

Enjoyed your slideshow. I need to check out the State Parks up that way.