Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rock Crusher Canyon RV Park
Site #9
You can see the clear passenger side window in this shot.

Covered Pool

Nice hot tub, not too hot

One person swimming laps
 This RV park is nice.  The sites are spacious.  Some are heavily treed; others are clear, guess those are for satellite users.  It's a large park and has lots of activities.  Prices are good especially for 2-3 months as it includes all utilities including cable.  It's a little noisy because of a road that runs close by but if you get over in the 200's it's quieter.

My friend Nan will be here tomorrow for the weekend.  Her site will be next to me.  Homosassas FL is going to have an Arts & Crafts event on the weekend and I'm sure we will have to see what's going on.

I went to Homossasas Springs today to visit Monkey Island.  It was amazing to watch them play and then when they were fed dinner it was like a frenzy.  I ate at the Crab House and the shrimp were delicious.  If you are in this area be sure to go see the Monkeys.



Margie and Roger said...

Cool! Monkeys! Looks like you have a nice site. Enjoy the arts and crafts event. See ya' soon.

Gail Durham said...

Wow, that looks like a nice park. Enjoy!

Jeff & Barbie said...

RCC is our "home" park. We'll be back there at the end of the month for the winter. You must check out the "Freezer." Not far from Crab House area. They have the best steamed shrimp! Also, if you like clam chowder, the best anywhere is Dan's Clam Stand. One in Crystal river and one in Homosassa. Enjoy your stay!