Thursday, April 2, 2009

Real Estate Update

Showed my condo for the first time on Monday, 3/30/09 and by Wednesday, 4/1/09, had a contract. Now, don't get too excited. They low balled me. I sent my counter in today and they have until 5:00 pm tomorrow, Friday, to let me know. It would be great because it is a cash sell but they offered me about 18,000 below what I was asking. I don't think so. One would have thought is was an April's fool joke if I had not seen the contract. Keep your fingers crossed.

State government is implementing a smoking penalty next year on health insurance. If you smoke, you will pay a $50 per month increase on your health premium. I have been dabbling in smoking again after being quit for 6 years, well actually, I'm probably full blown smoking. But I'm gonna quit again and this time for good. Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer for me. It's tough. Yes, I could kick myself every day for picking up that first one thinking I could just smoke one. NOT!

I'll brief you on the status of the contract for the house. It would be too cool for her to accept it but, if not, there will be another.



beckles1 said...

April fool joke: When I got your email yesterday that you were going to get a cash offer....that's exactly what I thought! The joke may have been on them in that thinking money always talks! Can't wait to hear more tomorrow.

I have a question regarding the smoking penalty. How will "they" know whether you smoke or don't smoke? You can stop! You've done it before! Go for it! Do it! Or don't do it!

Margie and Roger said...

I'm crossing my fingers that you get a good contract on your counter offer!

Yes, you can stop smoking. Just do it! Think of all the money you will save that you can use towards gas for Somewhere!