Monday, April 13, 2009

Taylor arrived

Taylor, my granddaughter, flew in yesterday and as I picked her up at the airport, I barely recognized her. She is growing up too fast, 12 going on 30. She is almost as tall as me. I have a busy week for her, she will be glad to get home.

Yesterday, Taylor, Theda and Sedona went to Theda's house at Johnsonville State Historic Park for a couple of days. Taylor had originally said she was going to do a report on the Civil War and wanted to go back to Theda's park to do some research. Plans were to do that today and I would pick her up on Monday night and we would come back on Tuesday. Those are still the plans but what has changed is the report. Taylor said, "I have a 98 in that class, why should I do a report?" So she gets to go have fun on the trails and maybe do some shoreline cleanup depending on the weather.

Got the electrical panel repaired today according to the home inspector so we are good to go. I think home inspectors are a racket. What good do they do?

The craft room is dismantled and it looks just like a bedroom now. We loaded Theda's 4 Runner up to the top yesterday with all the craft stuff in it. She also enjoys crafting so if the mood hits, she will be able to use some of my supplies. Plus if I get the urge to do something else, she has a perfect spot to be creative.


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Margie and Roger said...

So did you only have one thing to repair, the electrical panel? If so, that is great.