Wednesday, April 8, 2009

So Much Happening-My Heads Spinning

Quick update, I do have a signed contract on my condo for a cash sell. Appraisal and inspections are to happen on Friday. I am scheduled to be out by April 21, whew! I'll be moving in with my DF, Cindy. She is only about a mile from me and she is not there most of the week so it should work out well and I can save some money that I thought I would make on my house. What a win-win!

I have decided to work until at least September and maybe October. I still want to live my dream in the Keys in Jan/Feb, 2010 and to do that I really need to run a full paycheck out until Jan 1 which will have me working until October and then take the next three months on leave. Sounds like a plan.

I had wanted to stay in Bluewater RV Resort but with a whopping $4000 mo, that won't happen. I may work my way down and be there for April/May when I can enjoy snorkeling & playing in the water. I hear it is still too cold to do that sort of thing in Jan/Feb. Like I've said all along, plans are in jello.

My BFF, Debbie, is basking in the sun in Hawaii! Good for her. While she is gone I have been keeping her poodle, Duchess. OMG, it is so funny to watch Duchess and Sedona together. See they are both only dogs and are both getting used to having all the attention. That's not the case when they are together. We kiddingly named Duchess, "the black stalker" because she is constantly following Sedona around. Sedona tries to ignore her but the first night, I didn't get any sleep. See, Duchess is used to sleeping at the foot of the bed under the cover. Sedona is used to sleeping at the top of the bed (around my shoulders) and out of the cover. Sedona would grunt and then there would be a grunt from Duchess, back and forth all night. Sedona didn't like sharing "our" bed with another dog. Gee, wonder who would be alpha dog in this situation? Anyway it has been very time consuming to entertain 2 dogs. No more thoughts of getting a friend for Sedona, nope, nada! Duchess leaves tonight so everything should get back to normal.


Margie and Roger said...

I, too, think April-May in Key West would be a better idea. You can take your time in January and February just meandering towards the Keys - remember, you won't be on a 2-week vacation, you can relax, take your time, and sight-see along the way.

Teresa Brooks said...'s really happening. I don't know if I could be as brave as you to take that adventure. When Stephani & Matt, (and me) get to Niceville, FL (on the gulf) you'll have to spend some time there.

Bob said...

Hi, we usually spend the winters Nov-Mar-in Sarasota at Sun n Fun Resort. Maybe we can GTG if you're in the area. carold