Thursday, April 16, 2009

Still packing

Termite letter is done. I am sitting on go until April 21. Everything has passed, inspection, appraisal so I'm good to go.

Well, at least in the selling of the town home, I'm good to go. I still have so much stuff. Trying to decide what goes to Cindy's and what goes to Somewhere is amazingly tough. Taylor has been such help to me. She said last night, "will all this stuff go in Somewhere?" Good question, Taylor. Guess I'll find out. At least I'll have a few months to sort through that stuff at Somewhere to see if I indeed need it.

This is all so exciting. Hard to believe I'm on schedule to fulfill my dream. Please gas stay low and don't sky rocket again. Please stock market, do a really big rebound and let my $$ work for me the way it is supposed to. Gee I don't ask for much do I.

My neighbor, Judy, came over today and bought my plastic storage shelves so those are out of here. She also got some of the wire things in my closet (not attached) for hers. It's good to get that stuff out of here. Thought I was going to have to resort to Craigslist again. I'm gonna miss Judy, she was the perfect neighbor. Always there when you need each other and not noisy.



Margie and Roger said...

Sounds like everything is moving along on schedule. Good for you! Glad Taylor is there to help you. Take your stuff to Somewhere - you can always toss it later.

beckles1 said...

More great news! When things started moving for you, it's like the finish line was reached so quickly. Don't imagine it happens that often! Glad you have Taylor to help. I could sure use her help also, but Gran comes first! Call tomorrow (cell) if you can come by.