Monday, April 20, 2009

Moving from the Condo to Cindy's-Done!

It has been a very long weekend but at last I can sit back and relax for a while. My nephews, Roy, Jerry and great nephews, Josh and Jacob came over from Etowah to help me move on Saturday. Jonathan and Taylor were here to take my furniture they wanted. They rented a truck to drive back to SE GA. With the help of everyone, Jonathan got started back for his 10 hour trip around 11:30. He was glad to get back at a decent time on Saturday night.

Sunday, Theda and worked all day and brought things over to Cindy's and then loaded the car with things to go to Somewhere. I brought the remains from my garage sell and Cindy and I will have another sometime within the next few months.

Somewhere is getting full. Debbie and I went up today and she organized my kitchen for me. I checked out the pots & pans I had taken and some wouldn't fit into my stove and others were duplicates. So I brought a lot of things back to go in the aforementioned garage sale.

I think I would advise anyone who is planning on doing this to take a few months for downsizing and revisit your "stuff" many times to see if indeed you will use it or is it something else to hang onto. I'm sure I will do that several times.

Once I get things the way I want them I'll have to take Somewhere to be weighed to make sure I'm not over the recommended chassis weight. I'll probably do that when I get her new tires.

I'm feeling so liberated! It's one step closer.

Condo closing is tomorrow and it'll be official.


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Margie and Roger said...

Congratulations! Sounds like you had a wild weekend. Hope you can find time after the closing to get some rest. A margarita might be a good idea.