Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Epcot gets an A+ from me

I suppose being free has something to do with it, tee hee. If you make it you simply must take a ride on Soarin'. It's a new ride and it was so magnificent. It is just like being in a glider over most of California. We saw Napa Valley, San Fran Golden Gate Bridge, the Redwoods, Pacific Ocean, Palm Springs, San Diego, Azao Borengo, Las Angeles, anyway you get the idea right? OMG, it seemed like we were flying over all these places. You know how some people dream they are flying? That is exactly how it felt.
Of course we had to go to see Nemo and friends. It was a cute little ride and I'm sure it would have been mesmerizing to small children. Nemo has the cutest giggle.

I had to see what was in the famous sphere. We rode on the spaceship experience which was pretty cool. By the time we finished it was time to head to France where we were going to partake in a dessert bar and watch the fireworks. We walked through the countries, stopping for a while at China to watch the Circle o Life. When it was over, I felt as if I had been there.

It was a great trip to Epcot. Here are Billy, Richard and Cindy. Also, Cindy and I had to have our picture made in front of the water fall going into Soarin'.

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beckles1 said...

Wow....never dreamed there'd be such quick posts to your blog!! Sounds like a great start for your trip! Can't wait to see and hear more!!