Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's official-Papers signed, sealed, delivered.

This is the official date, 4/21/09, of becoming homeless. Well, I say that tongue and cheek, not homeless because I am at friend, Cindy but I have signed the papers on selling my condo getting ready to fulfill my dream of RVing full time. It will happen in Sept or October, 09 unless the economy crashes more than it already has.

It feels so good and liberating. I thought I would feel differently right now but it all seems so right.

Tonight is the first night that Cindy has been here since I moved in. This is gonna work because we are compatible and that's important but we both like our space and we make arrangements for that. Plus, she is generally at her house in Clarksville and it's a win-win that I am here while the house is empty.

Had a couple of margaritas tonight. You know I have to get rid of all that liquor. It's too heavy to carry around in Somewhere, LOL. It's not that I have all that much, it's just a means of celebrating today.


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Margie and Roger said...

You are houseless, not homeless. Somewhere is your new home. Glad everything went well today. What was total number of days on the market?