Monday, April 27, 2009

Daytona Beach Here I come

Tomorrow I fly out of Nashville to Orlando. I am meeting my DF, Cindy, there to finish up her conference, which includes a trip to Epcot. I have never been and am really looking forward to it. Then Wednesday we head up the coast to spend four nights at Daytona Beach. I am soooo ready for some R&R. Seems like I have been full speed ahead for a couple of months and it will be nice to just chill for a while.

After the beach, we head toward Jacksonville where Cindy will fly back to Nashville and DS, Jonathan, will pick me up and I'll spend the next week with he and Taylor. I am looking forward to that as well. Jonathan will be having some abdominal surgery and of course, Mom wants to be there for him during his recovery. I will really get to play Gran because GD, Taylor, will have swim practice six days a week and she plans on having a sleep over while I am there. Also, we are going to scout out RV parks in the area so I'll know where I will be going for December.

That's about all to report. I know, I'm a little boring right now but that's okay, I deserve it.

Oh, I almost forgot. I met, via phone, one of the ladies from the women's rv forum last night. She was travelling from NC to WY and had to come through Nashville. Unfortunately I didn't get in touch with her early enough for her to stop in Nashville. She stopped in Clarksville and by the time we connected I chose not to drive to Clarksville so late.

Anyway, ReAnn, and I talked for a while and found out we will probably be in the same place in the Keys in April and May. She is going to be workkamping at the same resort where I'll be staying. She is an intesting lady. She just completed work with the Peace Corps. I can't wait to meet her face to face. This is her first long trip in her Minnie Winnie. Good luck, ReAnn. Happy travels.


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Teresa Brooks said...

Sounds like fun. I can't wait to get to Florida. Hopefully it won't be long.