Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Appraisal and Inspection-Good to Go!

Just thought I would stop in and say, yippee, the appraisal came up to what the agreed on price is and the inspection is nit picky but all I had to take care of was the electrical panel. All systems are go for April 21.

I picked Taylor up at Theda's today. Before we left T had to take me on a golf cart ride around the park. She drives well. She wants to go a little fast but with her Dad and Gran's lead foot, guess that's to be expected.

Tomorrow T goes to Debbie's. It will be interesting to see what she has up her sleeve with T. I get to go to work. Thank goodness for my friends. Someone once said "It takes a village," and it does.


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Margie and Roger said...

Congratulations! Everything is working out so well for you! Just a few more days and you will be house-less, not homeless. Yippee!