Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pot Pie Find

This is certainly blog worthy so go ahead a laugh if you must. I went to the grocery store yesterday and really wanted something quick to fix. My nephew, Roy, had been getting chicken pot pies which I would not eat because they had green peas in them. Yuck!! I would always pick the peas out and that takes way to long.

Well, Marie Callender has chicken pot pies with NO green peas, instead there is one with green beans, one with broccoli and one with nothing green at all in it. I bought five, yes, you read correctly FIVE! I had one last night and it was so good. Crust is just right even when cooked in the microwave. Thank you Marie Callender.



beckles1 said...

No laughter from me! I've put her pies on my grocery list to check out later! Although I will eat peas, it seems as though peas in a pot pie are harder and remind me of peas in school lunchrooms! Did you know that there are Marie Callender restaurants in several states (including one in Las Vegas)? I wonder if they cook from scratch or use her frozen products??!!!

Margie and Roger said...

Terrific! I hate those peas! I'll try one without anything green. I remember those peas in school lunchrooms too, Becky, YUCK!

Gee, you never know what you might learn while reading a friend's blog.