Saturday, March 7, 2009

Somewhere a day early

I was going to Somewhere on Sunday to stay while the open house was happening but had to run to Joelton today to see my nephew and decided to go on up to Clarksville. I had a lot of stuff in the back of my car to find a place for everything. Roy went with me to see his brother and visit with his nephews, my great nephews. They had come to Nashville for a church thing with the youth. It was good to see them.

All systems worked well on Somewhere. Turned the Genny on and ran the AC for a while to put a load on her and she worked like a gem. My storage is quickly dwindling but I think I'll have enough space for everything once I go live. I am going to have to reevaluate what dishes I am going to take. Based on my yard sale and the things I had planned on keeping, I won't have room for all the dishes. Do I really need all that? I really won't know until I get out there. What will I cook? How much will I cook? Those will be the questions I'll have to answer at some point. Certainly not now.

Sunday is Open House at my condo so I'll have to leave for a few hours. I'm thinking maybe bingo. That will kill a few hours.

The weather has finally turned out terrific today. Should be like 77. Started out a little chilly with the clouds and the wind. Now it's beautiful.

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Margie and Roger said...

Glad that you got to "visit" with Somewhere. It's always good to run the generator. Hope you have lots of "lookers" today - be sure to post the results.