Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back in touch

Hello, I'm back on cyberspace. I just haven't been interested in posting to my blog lately. I apologize to my regular readers but I'm sure you understand.

I had gall badder surgery and while recuperating I went down to Theda's and stayed about a week. It was a good place to be but there is no cell service which made my Verizon broadband not operational. I sure didn't like being out of touch. She has dial up at home and it really was slow. Guess that's my first opportunity to use the broadband outside of the Nashville area. Verizon and I have had many conversations. Let's hope it gets better.

I had another open house last weekend and once again, NO LOOKERS. Yep, that's zero. Since the condo has been on the market it has not been shown once. It's hard to not be discouraged and wonder if I am ever going to be able to get the heck out of dodge. I'll keep the faith though.

Roy, my nephew, is gone. He went back to Etowah. Nashville CSX ran out of work over here for him so he went back home to hold several jobs there. I miss him already and so does Sedona. I didn't even get to have his welcome back to Nashville party. Oh well, he will probably be back if work in the yard picks back up.

Thursday night was a great night. I met some fellow RVers for dinner. I had been following Gary and Vicki's adventures as they full time. They are a couple from the Nashville area and I had read about them in an article featuring them in The Tennessean. He posted on his blog, We're Wingin' It, they were coming to Nashville to visit family until their workkamping job in Hariman, TN. I email and we set up a time to have dinner and let them share their knowledge and experiences with me and my other RVing friend, Margie.

It was good to listen and be able to ask questions about full-time rving. It seems they have been full time since 2005 so they have been through several seasons and have learned what works well for them and what doesn't. Vicki is a cooker. She cooks a lot while they are out and it was good to hear that can be done. Of course, it makes a difference when a couple is going out and when a single person will be doing it all. I was so pumped when I left dinner at Longhorns. However, it made me a little sad that I'm gonna have to wait longer to get out on the road. Let's see, I think I need more patience! WHAT!

It was good to have an evening with Gary, Vicki and Margie. RV people are good.

That's a brief update on what has been going on with me for the last couple of weeks. I'll try to do better in my postings.


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beckles1 said...

Yeah! She's back! I've been busy but laying very low myself. I've heard that the local real estate market (Nashville, etc.) was up based on last week's figures, so just hang in there. Later......Bec