Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Moving Along

Well, carpets are clean, pictures are taken and Thursday the condo will reach the masses. Sunday will be an open house which means I will need to be gone most of the afternoon. It's okay because I have a car full that needs to go to Somewhere and find a place for all that stuff.

I was extremely pleased with the Chemdry of Tennesse who did my carpets. They brought a UV light in to check the puppy piddles in my bedroom and my gosh, I thought Sedona was doing such a good job. Well, let me tell you, she had her favorite spot. Anyway all that is gone and by the time I got home the carpets were dry. I purchased the healthy home system where they use an antimicrobial spray to work into the carpets. There is also a guarantee. My friend, Becky, has used them before and I thought I would give them a try. Worked well and I would recommend them to you and I'll probably have a go at my Somewhere before all is said and done.

Going back to the dentist this afternoon for the final bridge (2nd one) to be placed. The other one broke. Thankfully it was within the time that I don't have to pay for this one again.

I'm checking prices on tires for Somewhere. Got to have new ones before I hit the road. Man, it depends on who you talk to as to the answers you get. Some say 12 ply, others 14 ply, some say no extenders on the inner tires, others say use cats eyes (which I have never heard of before) so I would say homework time for me. If any of you have any suggestions, let me know. Oh, Oh, one company said they had a great new tire from China! What? they are getting into tires now?

Somewhere can really give one a headache and I'm not even on the road yet. I feel like I'm hanging out there on my on since I had the incident with Cullum & Maxey. I've got to develop a relationship with another dealer that I can trust. Once you have been burned, it's hard to trust again. Gee, I sound like I dealing with a love interest or something like that! Forget about it!

On the home front, had a call last night from Bobby Hite, remember he is the real estate agent I interviewed first. He asked if I was ready to list. I told him I already had and he said why did I choose Babs White? I said I liked her marketing plan. He said, well okay, when does it hit the MLS, I told him Thursday, he said good, I have a couple interested! Well, okay just bring them on. Now is that true that he does have a couple interested or was he telling me that to say, see I could have sold it. If he shows up on Thurs with someone and he sells it, more power to him. I'm not expecting a quick sell although that would be might nice.

Another thought: I brought a bicycle to work and put it under my desk to ride. Well it's not really a bicycle but it serves the same purpose. I'm riding it off and on during the day. Happy trails.Later...

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Margie and Roger said...

Neat bike! How many miles to you "ride" each day?

Tires - oh, yuck! I hate buying tires. Absolutely not fun. We bought the same tires that came with the motor home (Class A). We never had any problems with them, so we stayed with Goodyear. We both noticed how much quieter the ride was with new tires.

Are you trying to buy "different" tires? If so, why?

Reminder...be sure to check the date on the "new" tires when you get them to be sure they are "new".

Be sure to re-post if that realtor guy brings people over. You've done you best in preparing for this - hope everything goes well.