Sunday, March 1, 2009


Talked to my sister via Skype. She and hubby go to FL for three months in winter and Skype is a great way to keep in touch in person. They talked about the market being so low in Ft Myers. It would be a great time to buy if someone was looking for a winter place. It gets too hot in the summer. Of course I can't imagine what the insurance would set you back.

Sedona has been delivered to Theda. Most of southern Tennessee got quite a bit of snow but it didn't affect the roads heading west. Now I will miss Sedona because I love it when I come home and she is so happy to see me. This is best for right now. She loves being down at the park so I know she is in a happy place. She will still be happy to see me when she returns home.

I'll post the MLS number when I get it and you can see my Town Home on the web. Heck, maybe some of my readers will want to buy. LOL I am so ready and am feeling so liberated with all the work that I and friends have done. I will be ready to live my dream when it happens.

Watching the Lady Vols hopefully beat Vanderbilt. One can hope.


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