Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Crafts

Someone asked to see some of my crafts I make. Here are a few pictures of the mosaics that I fool around with. Most are made up in my head so I hope you enjoy. I've got to get back to doing some things so I can get my supplies used up. They are a little heavy to be hauling around in Somewhere.

I have two projects started and need to mix up the messy grout to finish them. One is a flamingo and the other is a pumpkin. I also found a fold up table that will work perfectly in Somewhere but I have to decide what I want to put on it. It will either be a parrot or a sunshine, I'll post it when I get it finished.
This gazing ball used to be a bowling ball. I made it and gave it to my nephew Jerry, Roy's twin brother. He put it around his pond, where he said I could bring my MH into the mountains of Etowah and stay. He called me the other night and said he had added some goats to his family. Seems the goats liked the pond so well, they went down and ate the flowers and all the beautiful plants he had worked so hard to plant. They hit the stand the gazing ball was on and now the ball is in the pond. You will notice from the pictures that I had used broken mirrors as part of the design so I can only suppose that all his fish swim by the ball and check themselves out in the mirrors to see if they are lookin' good for their girl fish. When Jerry was telling me about this, I was ROTFLMAO. He tells a good story and you wouldn't believe all the BS I had to get through to hear the ball had been knocked into the pond.

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Margie said...

Thanks for sharing those photos Carolyn. I had always wanted to see your work. Really nice!