Thursday, July 31, 2008

1st Official Dulcimer Lesson

My lesson was last night with Stephen Siebert who is an accomplished musical artist. I was pleased with the results of last night. I started learning to tune the dulcimer by ear and we strummed and played a few songs. Last night was more or less getting to know me and my knowledge of music, which is nothing other than I like to play the radio.

I found out what the notes meant on the Skip to my Lou song were, so I can pretty much play that one. I have homework! uck! Don't know what I expected but didn't expect homework. LOL Anyway, it will be a fun diversion from watching TV.

Grey Goose is working out very well. I've got a rattle that I can't pin point so am hoping it works itself out.

Somewhere will be finished and ready to be picked up tomorrow.


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