Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Songs for the Dulcimer

OMG, I think I'm gonna like this playing music. I pulled some songs off the Internet yesterday to play on the dulcimer. Last night, I practiced, practiced! I purchased a Korg C30 tuner for less than 1/2 price at the Nashville New & Used music store and can tune my borrowed Dulcimer.

The songs I played last night were, Boil them Cabbage...something that was played a long time ago but is one of the best songs to start out with, supposedly. Also, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Rocky Top and TN Waltz. I'm trying to get some good songs under my belt so when I go to the lake in Aug, I can play some of them.

I believe I am going to take a couple of lessons. I have some questions and that will probably be the best way to get them answered. At the club on Sunday our teacher was Steve Seibert. Evidently he is one of the nations best dulcimer player/teacher/writer ever. Well, with my limited knowledge I did not realize I was sitting at the feet of the master until after I came back home and read about him on the Internet. WoW, what a way to start out. The BEST! Actually he gave me his number(no, not what you all are thinking) and said I could schedule some lessons with him. He said about three would be all it would take. Just the basics. Need to do that but it won't be long till you will hear the melodious sounds of the dulcimer right here, so stay tuned.

Didn't know how expensive these instruments are. Am trying to find a good used one right now and will post pictures when I find the one for me.

On a different note, I just talked to Williams Body Shop in Hendersonville, TN where Somewhere went to be repaired. He didn't have a price just yet, waiting on parts prices, etc. He said he had about 40 MHs up there to be fixed. This place is where C&M takes all their MHs and my insurance co, Farm Bureau, said they were the best body shop around. So I'll be out of commission for a while but hey, it's too darned hot to camp anyway.

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