Friday, July 11, 2008

Independence Day Celebration at Theda's

Just thought I would take a minute and post some photos of my mini vacation at Johnsonville State Historic Park at Theda's. We decorated her pontoon boat for the fireworks which I thought the lights turned out very well. Everyone on the other boats liked the lights.

Also there are pictures of some of the fireworks. I believe it may be almost time for me to look into getting a new camera. I have a Nikon Coolpix 775 that my son bought me about six years ago. Randy got one soon after I did and his has already died so it is just a matter of time before mine bites the bullet.

All of you know that I have been preparing Sedona for her swim adventure w/her lifejacket. Here she is. She seems perfectly comfortable in it and she even jumped up on the seat with the jacket on which she has been afraid to do. I think she is ready for the kayak sometime.

Sedona looks like she would make a good 1st mate, what do you think?

I think that just about covers that mini vacation so I'll catch you later. Oh, if you need to see a bigger picture, all you have to do is double click.


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Margie said...

Congratulations Sedona! What a brave little swimmer you are!