Sunday, July 20, 2008

What on earth is Carolyn doing now???

Latest a dulcimer! Yes, the one who has never played a musical instrument in her life! I had my first experience today at the Grand Old Dulcimer Club (GODC.) I played it and I thought I did quite well.

Why the dulcimer?? Several years ago when I worked for TN State Parks, I was introduced to this music and the melodious sound coming from the dulcimer. There were very excellent players in the park manager/ranger ranks. Carl, Kenny, Wayne (BO), and many others. In fact Kenny makes them. Instead of doing anything about my desire to learn to play, I was in lust, therefore, all my attention was focused elsewhere and Rick took all my time. But that was another story/chapter in my life and I have fastforwarded to 2008.

You see, I think this will be a great way to break the ice while sitting in a campground. Whether I am practicing or playing, it should get people to drop by for conversation. But BFF Debbie, says it's for me to showoff. Hum? could there be some fact in that statement? Oh, what the heck, probably so. I do like the spotlight occasionally!

I'll provide you feedback on my progress and who knows, I might post a little sample on this blog one day. Oh, BTW, this lady at the GODC loaned me a McSpadden dulcimer to practice with. Sure gives the arm a workout.

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beckles1 said...

You show-off?? Well, of course!