Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME

It's been a great day. I started the day w/a great breakfast that Andy bought me. Andy works for Theda at her park and he took me to breakfast, very nice of him. Next we hit the pontoon boat. We cleaned it up a little (very little, well no actually a lot) and then took it out. We headed south on the Tennesse River of the Kentucky Lake and went under a huge railroad bridge that had to be drawn up because of the tug boats and barges passing underneath. That was fun because I had never seen a draw bridge go up by lifting up an entire section. I didn't go up like a "normal" drawbridge.

Yes, I'm at Johnsonville Historic Area. It seems that lots of locals are using their state parks to camp in this weekend. So I'm using my "local" park at Theda's driveway.

I'll post pictures next because we decorated the pontoon boat today for the 4th of July celebration and fireworks in the "creek" (that's what the locals call Trace Creek.) It looks good.

I'm going to be cleaning Somewhere for a few days, cleaning carpet and pressure washing the underside. Doesn't that sound fun! Yes it does. I hope you all have a wonderful July 4th celebration wherever you are.
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Margie said...

Love your 4th of July glitter! That pontoon boat sounds like fun. It's great that you are getting to spend time with Somewhere this weekend. Practice, practice, practice.

beckles1 said...

Sounds like a good time!