Friday, July 11, 2008

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Have you missed me? Goodness gracious, this new computer implementation, Edison, is going to be the death of me! Well, not literally but it is keeping me hopping these days. Been in training all week and let me tell you, BORING! The unfortunate thing is I have to go to the sessions in order to be able to teach our employees throughout this great state of Tennessee! Whew, if only retirement could have occurred before Edison, I would have been one happy camper!

In Sunday's Tennessean was an article about full timers, Gary & Vicky, from Middle Tennessee. Read the full article at the this address. I contacted them and have been typing back and forth on a few things. Their blog is quite interesting and you can read that at this address. Just can't wait to hit the road and share my travels with you all.

The funny thing was when I went to Dr H recently and explained what I would be doing next year and trying to find out what I needed to do to prepare as far as medical records, etc. He said that he had four of his patients who were doing this and he just thought it was interesting, neat, etc. Well I was reading "we're winginit" blog the other night and he mentioned Dr H. Small, small world! They are two of the patients Dr H had talked about. I told Gary that it would be extremely strange if their dentist was Dr Winfree. Of course it wasn't. This is the beginning of a whole world that will be opening up for me. New peeps!!

Speaking of new peeps. My BFF, Debbie, has been anticipating a visit from her cousin Vickie who is travelling from Oregon. Vickie and Glenn are travelling in a Winnebago Adventurer, towing a Ford Edge. They have worked their way from Hood Lake in Oregon to visit Vickie's mother in Kingsport, TN. Anyway, they stopped to see Deb & Randy last night, Deb calls me about 8:30 p.m. and said they are leaving tomorrow, if you want to meet them, you will have to come tonight.

Now, you have to understand, I'm usually in bed watching TV by 9:00 p.m. Now my BFF is wanting me to get dressed and drive about 18 miles to her house in what must be the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT????? Of course I'll be there, no prob!

I hurriedly changed clothes and off I go to the Priest Lake area. I pulled in and there she was in all her glory, the Adventurer. I went in and met Glenn (w/2 n's) and we immediately began sharing stories. This was a first time for me in playing that male testosterone "mine's bigger than yours" game. And I'll have to say it was fun because in this case I was on top. It was fun and funny to get into a discussion of what features my Itasca had over his Winnebago. In case you don't know this, the Itasca is the Ford and the Winnebago is the Mercury of this class RV. They were the nicest people and it was good to meet them.

Melissa, BFFs darling daughter (dd), had made some delicious strawberry tarts so I was able to join in on the dessert. Yummy!

Glenn had almost traded for an Allegro Bus by Tiffin while coming through OK City. I think they didn't because Vicki is seriously interested in a Winnebago Vectra. I would be willing to bet that before this trip is over, they will have a new something to take back to Oregon.

I'm feeling a little jealous about this time in my life. Debbie, Becky and Cindy are all getting to take advantage of the State voluntary buyout program. I am just so happy for them but wish I was getting to do it too. I know, I know, nine months will be here before I know it.

Don't know if you all can tell but I'm having a little problems in getting some links to post so I'll have to go to the help center and figure out how to do it to save you all from having to cut and paste the URL into the box. Maybe I have it figured out now, feedback please?