Sunday, July 27, 2008

Movie Review

In the last week I have actually gone to the movies twice. Cindy took me to see Mama Mia for my birthday. OMG, I loved it. I had seen the play but I liked the movie much better. TERRIFIC scenery! Pierce Brosnan CANNOT sing worth a hoot but the rest was just awesome. Meryl Streep was sensational and of course the music was so memorable. Just made one want to break out in song. I highly recommend the movie but it is probably more of a chick flick. Oh, I plan on buying this one. It's a keeper and I could watch it over & over.

The other I saw today was Batman, The Dark Knight. Well, what can I say that others haven't. The joker took the show. The movie itself was way too long and more violent than you can expect from a Batman movie. Christian Bales is such a hottie! Whew, so good looking. Totally predictable. Don't want to add this one to my DVD collection

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