Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend at Johnsonville State Historic Park

Randy and Debbie went with me to pick up Somewhere at Theda's park. They stayed all weekend and got to sleep in Somewhere. It worked out great because after Theda took them on a tour of her park, we all got ready and went to the boat. It's only about a 1/2 mile from the park at Pebble Isle Marina. It was a beautiful day to be out on the water. We drove up and down the river and saw bunches of grey heron, osprey and their nests and lots of fish jumping. Why is it that the fish don't ever come around when you are fishing?

We ate a good dinner at the Pebble Isle Marina restaurant and then headed home before the storms started.

And start they did. Lightening, thunder, winds, and rain! After the first round was over, Theda and I went to drive through the park to pick up limbs on the road and clear debris. There were two huge oak trees knocked down and split just like they were toothpicks. Big mess on Monday to clean up. While we were gone, Randy & Debbie took showers at Theda's house instead of in Somewhere (wasn't cooled off enough for that just yet.)

When we returned it was time for bed. I walked w/Randy & Debbie to show them how everything worked and to make sure they felt safe staying in Somewhere during a storm because the radar showed more was on the way. They said they would be okay. See Debbie had NEVER stayed overnight in an RV, guess you could say she was an RV Virgin until July 12, 2008.

True to form, it lightened, thundered, rained. Never lost power though. Debbie said it was good sleeping. She thought she was in a cabin in the woods with a tin roof and in essence she was, sort of. I'm glad they enjoyed it.

Next morning, breakfast and pack'er up and get ready to head back home. I dropped Somewhere off at C&M so she could get her skin repaired. Remember my boo boo? Anyway Debbie rode back with me, Randy drove my car and Sedona rode w/him. It was a good weekend. I think they might go w/me again sometime, even if Somewhere doesn't have a bath tub!


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