Monday, October 26, 2009

My Hometown-Etowah TN

I love Etowah this time of year.   Just thought I would give you a short tour of my hometown.  When I was growing up the L & N railroad was very popular.  In fact most of the "town" of Etowah was on the right side of the road going south.  The RR was on the left side which was where the depot was a predominant building. 

The building is now on the historic register and houses the Chamber and has art displayed.  It's a cool building and when I was 16 or so, I worked at the Gem drugstore behind the soda counter.  Sometimes there would be passenger trains stop and the passengers would come in and order their lunch.  We served hamburgers, hotdogs, malts, shakes and wonderful hot fudge sundies (especially if they were fixed by me.) 
The town runs down the foothills of the Cherokee National Forest and the colors are just breathtaking.  Now I can appreciate the beauty, then I took it for granted. 
This is the backyard of my BFF Joyce and her husband Roger.   They have lived in this place since they were married, eons ago, and they were recently able to acquire the land the barn is on.  It was just beautiful looking out admiring the landscape.

My hometown has many surplus stores, antique stores and a few eating places.  If you get a chance, you must take a trip down Hwy 411 and stop to enjoy my hometown.


Margie and Roger said...

Etowah is such a pretty place. I spent one night of my first honeymoon there.

Beckles said...

I've been there and this makes me want to go again! It's so interesting how we do see our home town so differently after we leave, and particularly as we get older. Thanks for sharing.